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Gentle Wakeup


Gentle Wakeup



Gentle Wakeup

  • Wake up gently and refreshed every day.

  • Wake up gently with slowly increasing light, sound and vibration.













Turn your device into a sunrise simulator and wake up naturally by light.
Light leads to biological processes in the body leaving the deep sleep phase and preparing for wake up.

You will have complete control over the wake up process.
Start the sunrise 20 minutes before your desired wake-up time and define your personal brightness level at the end. Add slowly increasing sounds of birds twittering and add a device vibration as a backup 5 min after wake up time. Enjoy a nice weather show before you get out of bed.

Alarm Clock: Fully functional alarm clock with repeated alarms and snooze function.
Gentle sounds: Wake up with different gentle sounds or your favorite music.
Weather forecast: An animated weather show presents you the weather conditions and temperature for the day.
Nightstand clock: Display shows current time and wake up time over night.
True sunrise: The sun changes its colors from red to yellow like a real sunrise.
Brightness adjustment: Brightness is adjusted smartly to not blend in the night.
Individual Wakeup: Get waked up without disturbing your partner.
Easy and intuitive: All main functions can be accessed by symbols directly from the main screen.
Soft torch light: Use the soft light to find something in the nighttime without waking up anyone else.
Portrait and Landscape: Your device can be placed in portrait or landscape mode on your nightstand.
Autostart: The app starts automatically even if you close it. No additional battery consumption over night.

Stop waking up stressed out by an alarm tone in the morning
In the stone ages noises meant danger from animals or from enemies. We still have this basic instinct in our brains. Start getting awake by light and you will never want to wake up by sounds again.








Help people with sleep disorders



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Combine the app with recommended sleeping products like a music pillow