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Flyer / Poster

The app Gentle Wakeup has helped already over 200,000 people to fall asleep faster and to wake up more refreshed.

You can recommend the free version in your office by hanging up a poster or offering flyers with a QR code on it. 

Download the flyer/poster for printing here



The download link of the QR code is: eup&referrer=utm_source%3Dar%26utm_campaign%3Dpt

The secret of waking up refreshed

Gentle Wakeup uses slowly changing light and sounds similar to a professional wake up light. It contains:

  • Sleep timer with fading light and music for falling asleep
  • Night clock with deep background sounds for sleeping
  • Alarm with natural sounds and slowly increasing light for wakeup

Watch the video below to see Gentle Wakeup in action