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Kid of the Day

Less sibling squabbling. More quality time.

The ‘Kid of the Day’ may decide everything today and do it first. The next day it’s the other child’s turn. This way you avoid unnecessary squabbling between your children and give them fixed rules for the smaller decisions during the day.

Many topics of dispute are irrelevant from a parent’s point of view and cannot be retraced anymore. Who was sitting where at the table last time? Who had the toy belonging to both more often?
As soon as you agree with one child, the other child feels treated unfairly and is bitterly disappointed.

With the app the children can always check who is the ‘Kid of the Day’ and learn to submit when the other person is right. In addition, they can look forward to the next day when they can decide everything for themselves. This way they no longer have the feeling that they are at a disadvantaged.

Of course, the ‘Kid of the Day’ must not decide about the other children. For example, he or she can sit next to a certain parent but cannot decide where the other children should sit.

The app is completely free of charge and without advertising for the children. Boost your quality time now!

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