How to configure Samsung phones for Gentle Wakeup

Some phone manufacturers suppress alarms scheduled by Apps. They want to extend the battery time of the devices so they kill processes running in the background and suppress apps which activate themselves.

Even though Gentle Wakeup does not consume any battery when in background and the alarm is marked as a clock alarm some manufacturers still ignore these settings and just blindly suppress everything by default.

Without white-listening the app there is a risk that the alarm does not fire if the app has not been used for a few hours or some days.

Please check if any of the following settings can be set on your phone and adjust them to the recommended value:


  • Settings app / Device maintenance / Battery
    At the bottom tap on Unmonitored Apps and Add Gentle Wakeup to the list
  • Phone settings / Applications / Select the three dot menu (top right corner) / Special Access / Optimize Battery usage
    Find Gentle Wakeup in the list and make sure it is not selected
  • Do not use Edge Lighting for Gentle Wakeup. If you want to use Edge Lighthing then remove the app from the application list

Especially S9 / S10

  • Settings / Device care / Battery / 3 dots at the top right
    Turn off Put unused  apps to sleep. Turn off Auto disable unused apps. Tap on Sleeping apps and remove Gentle Wakeup if it is in the list.

Here is a list of YouTube video tutorials how to configure specific phones models and devices. If your device is missing you can record the configuration steps (please set your device to English language) with a screen capture app and send the YouTube link to We will include the link in this list.


Samsung Galaxy S9 / S10

Samsung devices with Android 7 and greater

Samsung devices with Android 5 or 6