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Fit4All: Workouts for everyone

Get fit with the most popular fitness videos from YouTube.

We have selected the best workout videos on YouTube for you. It doesn’t matter what your current fitness level is. There are workouts for beginners, athletes, overweight people, seniors and families. Complete a workout session with a motivating trainer who will show you exactly how to do the exercise correctly. You can focus on a specific body part, such as abs or butt, or complete a full-body workout. All exercises are without equipment. Perfect also for home office.

Get fit in 28 days
Start our 28-day program to match your current fitness level. Each day you’ll be presented with a workout that focuses on different muscles. There are even days with stretching to help you recover and improve your flexibility. Hang in there until the end and you’ll have already taken the first step to a fitter life.

Keep your fitness in balance
For a good overall fitness it is important that you train all muscles over time. That’s why you’ll see fitness points for the relevant muscles for each workout. This way you can choose the perfect workout for today to keep your fitness in balance. There are fitness points for arms, abs, butt, chest, back, legs and shoulders.

Track your daily activities
Let the app show you how your activities are improving your fitness. For example, if you’ve been jogging, biking, or playing a sport, you can add fitness points to your weekly score. Find out which muscles have already been trained and fill in missing points with suitable workouts. This way you’ll achieve your perfect fitness for each week.

Get awards for each week
Staying fit means getting enough exercise every day. If you reach 7 points for each muscle at the end of the week, you will get a bronze award. If you keep going for 2 weeks, you’ll get silver, and for 4 weeks, gold. But be careful, if you miss your goal by one week, all medals are lost. This will motivate you to keep fit every day. Also tell your friends about your successes by sharing your weekly stats and awards.

Lose weight the natural way
If you exercise every day and eat healthy, losing weight will happen on its own without any yo-yo effect. Therefore, you won’t find any function in this app that logs your weight, counts calories, or determines your BMI on a daily basis. Don’t listen to anyone who promises you a quick weight loss method through dieting. 7-minute workouts are too short a time to stay fit. For a healthy body, you need to change your habits for the long term. You will see the first results after a few weeks.

Start your fitter life now!

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