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Dress Guide


Which tie matches which shirt?              How do I look?

Dress Guide

Are you unsure which tie matches your shirt or which shoes match your pants?

This app knows the answer! A mathematical algorithm calculates the perfect color matches for your clothes. Never worry about the wrong clothes again.


Save yourself time for dressing up in the morning

Choose a color for your shirt and you will get suitable colors for your tie.

You can find matches in any order. For example, start with the suit, than the shirt and select the tie color at the end. Or start with the shirt or the tie. For any order the app always shows you nothing but the suitable colors.

Check out the screenshots and the video of the app.

Get the app here.


Use your own pictures for color matching
Take a picture with the camera and finger paint different color regions. When your picture is ready it can be used just like the other pictures in the app.

Get color associations
Choose a color combination and the app will tell you what people associate your style to. Do you want to look trustful or sportive? Choose the colors with your favorite style. The app knows over 100 styles. Play around with different combinations and find out what people associate with it.

Check out the style of your friends
Take a picture with the camera and the app tells you the style of the person. Try out different people. You want to go to a job interview? Take a picture of yourself and check out if you look sympathetic or trustful. With the right choice of colors and a good tie knot nothing can go wrong.

Personal Shopper
You want to go shopping? Use the app to find suitable clothes for your existing wardrobe.

Share your style image on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Thumblr, ...

Try out different combinations
As soon as you click on a color the pieces of clothes change their appearance. Choose between different pictures for business clothes, casual, etc. Get new pictures free with app updates.

The app is currently not supported for the newest iOS versions. If you would like the developer to rerelease it then you can like this page on facebook.