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Math Hero

Math Hero

Math Hero

  • Challenge your friends in this mental arithmetic quiz.

  • Invite them to a joint competition and rank first place in addition, subtraction, multiplication or division.


Clashes and Competitions
Play one on one or in a group with many people and try to rank higher than the others.

Social playing
Play against your facebook friends, invite friends by email or play games against random players from all over the world.

Check your statistic against your friends. Who won more games, rounds and answers? How many perfect rounds did you achieve? Try to beat the highscore.

Difficulty Levels
Find the difficulty level which suits you best. Even with an easy level you will still compete by answering faster than your opponents.

In every round a new player can decide on the category by choosing one of four math challenges. Select your favorite category to rank high.

Response Time
You want all players to respond fast? You can play quick games with 10 mins response time or long games giving up to 48 hrs without a hurry.

The app is currently not supported for the newest iOS and Android versions. If you would like the developer to rerelease it then you can like this page on facebook.