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Super Bob

Screenshots Video


Can you save the earth from the aliens?



Super Bob

Aliens have trapped the earth with a laser beam! Help Super Bob save the planet in this amazing Jump & Run game.





The Hero



Super Bob is a football player and needs to make his way to the foreign planet Androida II to deactivate the laser beam.

Collect diamonds and fight against other football players to reach the rocket which will get you in space.

Navigate the rocket safely through asteroid fields and shoot against other space ships.

Make super jumps on low gravity planets and land on sliding platforms and elevators.

Check out the screenshots and the video of the app.

Get the app here.



Game Features


  • 33 levels with different worlds

  • space shooting level

  • unlimited lives

  • different boss enemies including spiders and dragons

  • anti gravity tubes, sliding platforms and elevators

  • share your score and screenshots on facebook, twitter, and more


The app is currently not supported for the newest iOS versions. If you would like the developer to rerelease it then you can like this page on facebook.